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Our Story
Our Story

Our Story

Georgia Brown warmly opened its doors in 1993. Part of the visual appeal of the restaurant lends itself to the bronzed ceiling scroll, reminiscent of the grand oak trees that are outstretched like a lace border over Southern Streets. We also use the honey bee as an icon in our logo, designated The Georgia State Insect in 1975. This acknowledged the honeybee’s contribution to the state’s economy through honey production and aiding pollination of more than 50 Georgia crops. The honeybee is recognized as an official state symbol in seventeen states, primarily because honeybees play such an important role in agriculture and is an ICON of Georgia Brown's.

Our Story

Our Team

Neal Langermann

Corporate Chef

Ayanna Brown

General Manager

Nikki Cates

Assistant General Manager

Juan Carlos Serrano

Sous Chef

Victor Maradiaga

Sous Chef

Charles Peters


Lance Smith

Manager of Special Events

Angel Brown


Low Country History

Low Country History

In the late 17th century all land south of Virginia was .granted to the Barbadian planters. From Pawley's Island to the Savannah River, the Low Country stretched inland about seventy miles, Charleston lying at the heart. The seas and rivers were abundant with oysters, crab, shrimp and endless varieties of fish. To this bountiful land, settlers brought riches from their native soils.

The West Africans brought with them knowledge of rice growing, as well as their native benne seeds, hot peppers, black eyed peas, field peas, eggplants, and more. Native Americans introduced pecans and file, a powder made from sassafras leaves that was used as a gumbo thickener.

The Powhatan Indians showed the settlers how to dehull and soak corn, then grind it into what Southerners came to know as hominy grits.

Low Country History

The Africans, the French Huguenots and the Sephardic Jews from Portugal and Spain influenced the cooking with foods from their homeland. As a result of their efforts, you can now experience this diverse and history-rich cuisine at Georgia Brown's...